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Showing the route from Euston Station to Gustave Tuck LT (travel time approximately 6 minutes)

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Route Description

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  1. Leave Euston Station and go straight into a paved area in front of Euston Station.
  2. After 45 metres, turn right in to a path in front of Euston Station.
  3. After 107 metres, turn left in to Gordon Street.
  4. After 180 metres, at the junction of Gordon Street and entrance road, turn right in to entrance road.
  5. After 36 metres, follow entrance road round to the left.
  6. After 42 metres, turn right in to Path.
  7. After 52 metres, enter Wilkins Building - South Junction entrance on your right.
  8. Go through a double door.
  9. Immediately turn left.
  10. Immediately turn left.
  11. Immediately go straight up a staircase to the second floor.
  12. After 5 metres go through a double door ahead and then turn right.
  13. Immediately Gustave Tuck LT should be straight ahead.
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